Unique door finishes

The new Elements door finishes really add something special to you new London door

We have a new range of 6 special & bespoke finishes.

Element finishes reflect the patinas caused naturally by metallic oxidation, ageing and changes in composition.

Element is an exciting development in powder coating technology, creating beautiful and striking effects with additional benefits.

  • Striking designs achieved through using polyester resin systems, and a bit of magic!
  • Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • High level of colour and gloss retention
  • Tactile finish
  • All powders in the range are Qualicoat class 1 approved or better
  • Conform to ISO 12206

All 6 Elements finishes are now on the door designer – design your dream door here

We get asked a lot about Corten & can we apply it onto our doors? We can create the look of Corten but without the hassle.

Element vs. Corten

Element finishes reflect the patinas caused naturally by metallic oxidation, ageing and changes in composition.

  • A “consistent” finish. Evolution finishes evoke the natural rusting, corrosion and aging of steel. They come “pre-aged” and stay that way
  • Light-weight aluminium. Increase design freedom and reduce static load with a combination of Evolution and aluminium.
  • Does not need pre-conditioning. With Evolution what you see is what you get. You can choose dark, medium, light shades, red, brown or black dominant colours. Do you know what you will get with Corten?
  • Almost no maintenance. Evolution finishes can be cleaned with water, it’s as simple as washing your windows.
  • Fast turn-around. Why wait for Corten when you can have Evolution a lot quicker.
  • Evolution is one-finish. No need for sealing coatings to stop corrosion. Seal coats may lead to unseen corrosion of Corten.
  • Seal coats will also add to the cost of Corten and will need to be maintained.
  • Industry leading guarantees.
  • Evolution performs in most atmospheres. Evolution is a stable, inert, polyester finish. Corten relies on a protective oxide layer which is soluble and can be washed off or break down to effectively allow the base metal to keep rusting, leading to failure.
  • Your pavements will be clean with the Evolution finish. Corten will have water run-off causing staining of walls, floors, pavements and even penetrating ground water.
  • Evolution uses no VOC’s in production or application. Corten finish may be accelerated using Volatile Organic Compound chemistry.
  • Evolution finishes are perfect for aluminium. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, Corten is not.
  • Evolution is guaranteed. Extensive testing enables Fortis to offer the same guarantees as architectural powder coating.

* Corten is used throughout this document as a generic term commonly used to describe a rust-promoting alloyed steel. Any comparison with trade names is coincidental.