Finger print door entry


How many prints does it store?
The Manor Door Company use #Navkom and this system allows you to store 99 prints.

Can I open my door using an app?

Yes – you can. The Navkom has X-Manager App control built in. Simply download the X-Manager app for free, set up a user and connect to your WLAN. You can then be anywhere in the World and with an internet connection, open your door using your smart phone. You will also get notifications on who has activated the door too – so you will always know who is in your home if used the finger or app control access point. To access the app on your phone – you can use a 4 digit pine code or finger print if set up to gain access for security. This can also be paired with Alexa.

Can the fingerprint access solution be tampered with from outside in order to open the door?
No, it can’t. Nor can it be influenced by force, because the finger-print scanner and control panel are physically separate. The opening impulse is emitted from the control panel in the protected interior area. Incidentally, the system cannot be tampered with via the Internet either, because it does not have an Internet connection.

Is a fingerprint access solution covered by insurance?
For insurance coverage, it does not matter whether the locking mechanism is actuated mechanically using a key or electronically via a fingerprint. The insurance coverage is only in place if the access point is locked correctly. If a door is merely “on the latch“, it does not count as locked. All Navkom systems are linked into multi point locking systems – either 3 or 5 points. Some systems only use an electric strike latch – which is only a single point – so isn’t technically secure.

What door type can they go on?
The Navkom finger scanner  system is only available on Aluminium doors due to the thickness of them – generally 70mm or thicker as they house a control panel in the edge of the leaf. There is options for alternatives on Steel doors which run off a different system. Composite doors generally have battery powered Bluetooth or Wireless options.

Are they expensive?
Yes and no. It depends how you look at technology and security.
By way of comparison: the fingerprint scanners are 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit PIN code for your bank card. On average – the sensor, motorised lock and power conduit – is about £1250 + VAT. So over a manual key – yes they are pricey but can you put a price on security and ease of opening your door?

The team at The Manor Door Company are clued up on access control so can always assist you with making a decision on what will work best for you, your family and home.

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