Handles – Recessed, bar or lever handle

Handles that make a statement…

Bar handles have been popular for over years now and can come in various lengths & shapes – from 400mm to over 2m long. These can be in stainless steel, Gold or powder coated to a colour.

They can go on any type of door from a Composite to Steel & even Aluminium.

Recessed handles though can only be incorporated into Aluminium doors due to the thickness & depth – but they create such a great feature. These can be made to measure & can go up to 2950mm long – doors of this size can be made up to 3m high.

The recessed handles can be lit up with LED lights in Warm, White even coloured LEDs such as blue & red. The recessed handle it self can either be the colour of the door or different to make it a feature.

Any door with a recessed or bar handle always has automatic partial locking. So once that door closes behind you externally – you will need a key to get in. There are options of a day latch function or finger print entry for added access control should you prefer.

Lever handles are still just as popular for those wanting a more classic look & the ease of the door only locking when you physically lock it yourself.

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